My name is Santha Booker. I am the founder of Letters to our Father’s. Letters to our Father’s is a website to empower men, women, and families in hopes of rectifying the issue of the absentee Father and the stereotypes that society gives. It is also a website to encourage, uplift, and inspire men to have a revelation of the imprints that are influencing our hearts. I am a mother of two beautiful kids whom I love very deeply. I am a lover of Christ and a lover of people. I am also a college student pursuing a degree in the field of Psychology, it has been a journey, but I’m determined to win.

Being a parent can be a very strenuous and stressful task at times and often you don’t want to bother anyone so you don’t ask for help or you don’t know whom to ask for help. It’s not always that the Father isn’t involved or he doesn’t care; it could be that you need help or you need direction. As I began to reflect on my journey of parenting children without the Father in the home, I quickly realized that some men don’t understand the impact or influence they have on that particular home. I can recall a time when one of my children lost a relative from their Father’s side it had a profound impact on my child, my child cried and cried, and I remember just holding them and telling them that it was going to be okay. This moment helped me see that anything attached to my child by way of the Father was going to be a direct effect on my household. It is my hope Letters to our Father’s can at least give you guidance into what direction to go. No, I’m no counselor just a woman writing letters daily from the eyes of a mother to our fathers.