A Letter to a Father about The Head

As I write this letter to you today, I must confess and say that I had to repent. I had to repent because I didn’t obey the Lord when I received a revelation of what was happening in the world. The revelation I received came from Jeremiah 11, Ezekiel chapter 9:1-6, and Ezekiel chapter 6. We are experiencing the judgment of God and the justice of God. 

 I am writing to you to inform you that WE must repent. Also, not only do we need to repent, but that we must stay in a constant state of repentance. In Ezekiel Chapter 9, verses 1 -6 reads:

“[The Spirit] cried in my ears [in the vision] with a loud voice, saying, Cause those to draw near who have charge over the city [as executioners], every man with his destroying weapon in his hand. And behold, six men came from the direction of the Upper Gate, which faces north, every man with his battle-ax in his hand; and one man among them was clothed in linen, with a writer’s ink bottle at his side. And they went in and stood beside the bronze altar. And the glory of the God of Israel [the Shekinah, cloud] had gone up from the cherubim upon which it had rested to [stand above] the threshold of the [Lord’s] house. And [the Lord] called to the man clothed with linen, who had the writer’s ink bottle at his side. And the Lord said to him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed in the midst of it. And to the others He said in my hearing, Follow [the man with the ink bottle] through the city and smite; let not your eye spare, neither have any pity. Slay outright the elderly, the young man and the virgin, the infant, and the women, but do not touch or go near anyone on the mark. Begin at My sanctuary.”

In the above scripture, you can see that the Lord has given orders to mark the people crying out for repentance and for the abdominal things that were going on in the land while the other unmarked people we’re to receive the judgment of God. Also, if you read the last verse, the judgment of God starts with the church. Listen, I usually wouldn’t write such a stern letter, but repentance has been ringing so loud.  

I’m asking every reader of this letter to PLEASE read the scriptures listed in this letter. The reason I am asking is that you must know that the judgment of God is here, and we must get in alignment with the will of God, and that is to win others to Christ Jesus. 

I must also say that I was given the revelation of whatever you do to the head; it will affect the body. Now what I am about to say some people may not like, but it is true. Whenever the President of the United States was exposed, and the impeachment process began, there was EXPOSURE. After the President of the United States (the head/the leader), we begin to see multiple exposure cases in America. You must understand this because individuals make relationships that form unions after the unions, then families, communities, cities, states, and nations. What I want you to understand is this a corrupt nation will only produce corrupt leadership. As believers in Christ, we must pray for our country and pray for our leaders. That’s why we that are in Christ, Jesus must understand that God is a God of Law and Order, and he loves justice. Also, most importantly, God is a God of love and grace. 

We must pray for the President of the United States, and we must pray for our leaders; we must pray and repent of having iniquities’ in our hearts. You have to repent for worshiping other gods. God wants the people that are doing witchcraft, voodoo, burning incense to gods and candles, cauldrons, and any satanic worship and hate; please, God, the Father wants you to stop and give your life to him. God wishes that no man perishes, and God sent his one and only son, Jesus, to die for the sins of not just you and me but for the whole world. Those who are reading horoscopes and identifying yourself with zodiac signs don’t need an astrologer to tell you anything when you have direct access to the God who created you and the astrologer and the stars you see. You must know that you were made in God’s image; this means we should be reflecting the image of God in our everyday life. Also, this means when he made you, it says in the word of God, that he blessed you. So, you have to know that when God looks at you, the one he made in his image, he is saying you are good because you are looking like your Father. He no longer sees you when you are in Christ; he sees his son Jesus Christ when he looks at you, and Jesus said, when you see me, you have seen the Father. Can someone say that to you? 

Some need to go to others and apologize for whatever you have done or said that was wrong. I understand that sometimes you can’t go to the other person because they will not receive you or don’t want anything to do with you. Yes, that can be hard, but you have to give it to the Lord and give the person to the Lord and pray that one day they would be able to forgive and find peace within themselves and you. You have to let go and release anger, strife, discord, offense, resentment, bitterness, hatred, etc. Also, we must pray for our enemies and never rejoice when they are going through. I have to let you in on a little secret; a true believer of Christ has a heart for people. Allow God to heal you, and please know when you ask God for forgiveness with a genuinely repentant heart, he hears and will forgive you.

Now, as believers of Jesus Christ, the church, we must do our part. We must tell the people that there is a hell and heaven. We are no more holding back the truth. As believers, some people need to see you live and walk out this dedicated life to Christ. No more talking about it; we must truly live it.

I understand that some of you may be hurting, or you may even say, well you don’t know what they did to me, or that’s easier said than done. I will be transparent here and say yes, there have been times where I have said and thought those same thoughts, but God stepped right in and held me and encouraged me. God allowed me to let things go and move forward. I promise if you yield and surrender to God, you will gain so much peace and safety.

I understand this letter was stern, but God loves us, and he wants what is best for us. Just like a good father would want for his children. So we must repent and forgive one another. Above all, choose love. Allow the love of God to be shed abroad. Finally, rest in his love for you knowing that All things are working for your good and God knows the plans he has for you to prosper you and to give you hope and a future.

Prayer of Repentance,

Father God, in the name of Jesus, we honor your name. Father, you are the only true and living God, and besides you, there is no other. Father God, we ask you to forgive us of every sin we have ever committed in word, deed, action, mind, body, thought and spirit. Father, forgive us for the satanic covenants that may have been established in our dreams. We renounce it and reject it, and may it never take shape in our natural life nor the spirit. Father, forgive us for every lie, slander, gossip, etc. In the name of Jesus for those in any witchcraft or any satanic covenant, I pray that God’s fire roasts to ashes everything that is not of God and anything of the like. God wash us in the blood of Jesus Christ. Cleanse us from all of our iniquities and make us whole in the name of Jesus. It is written in the word that whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Father God, heal us, and we shall be healed and save us, and we shall be saved. Father God, it is written that the Angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear him and delivers them. God, I love you, and thank you for hearing our prayers. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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