A Letter to a Father about Forgiveness (A very transparent letter)

You don’t forgive because you don’t trust in God. Those were the words that came to mind when I thought about complete forgiveness.
As I begin to think about having complete trust in God with all things, my mind begin to wonder, have I truly forgiven, or did I suppress some things? Am I just saying that I forgive others, recognizing that I have this uneasy feeling in my gut when they come around, or am I not trusting God? These were the questions that came to mind in my quiet place with God. These were the words that I wrote in his presence.
To forgive others, you have to forgive yourself completely, so that you can forgive others the way you have been forgiven. The moment that you completely forgive yourself, you allow God’s love to pour in and overtake you. If you allow the love of God to fill every part of your being, you will feel real joy, peace, and a love so deep that it overwhelms you. The love of God is so breathtaking; it shuts out all negativity and fear. The love of God cleanses your conscience, and it frees you. The depth of God’s love uproots the negative words and deeds from your soul that were left behind from past relationships, pain, ignorance, and fear and replaces them with the good things. This love cleanses your conscience; this love is freeing. The love of God allows your purpose to manifest, and the will of Christ the King. You will produce things that create life, and this love reproduces the fruit of spirit, love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. So, will you trust God when he tells you to forgive yourself and others? I mean complete forgiveness, and as you forgive and release everything to God, allow his love to surround you, consume you, and overtake you. God loves you right where you are here and now, and I need you to believe God’s word when he says that you are loved deeply.
God often reminds me that I am seated in the highest heaven right next to his son (Jesus) so that he can love me and be kind to me and to receive it, receive all he has for me because it is good. Will you forgive? Will you trust God?
Father God in the name of Jesus. I honor you and love you. You are the maker and the creator of me, the lover of my soul. God help us to forgive others and most of all, ourselves completely. God help us receive that love you desire to give us. Lord, give us a heart of flesh and let it burn with desire for you and your ways. Father teach us how to forgive, show us your precepts and ways. Thank you for your grace and mercies that are renewed every morning, and thank you for accepting us as your own. Father, thank you for seating us in the highest heaven so that you can be kind and gracious to us. Father continue to lead and guide us as we live. All glory and honor belong to you. The highest God. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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