A Letter to a Father about Rebuilding

“Do not remember the former things, or ponder the things of the past.” “Listen carefully; I am about to do a new thing, now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert — Isaiah 43:18-19.”

I have to begin this letter with these particular verses found in Isaiah 43:18-19 because I have been carrying these words in my heart for about three weeks.

 My delay in writing this letter to you was because I didn’t know what to write. It was as though I was in a state of confusion filled with distractions, but I continued to listen to sermons and pick up my phone to read the bible. In the moments of feeling confused, I just knew that I had to keep reading and to pray. There were times I didn’t know what to pray, but I just kept moving forward.

I am telling you this to encourage you to keep moving forward.

Isaiah 43:18-19 is telling us to forget what happened, stop revisiting the past. Why? Because God is doing something new, and He wants you to be aware of it. You can’t see what God is doing or has done in your life if you keep revisiting the past. It would be best if you forgive yourself and forgive others.

This letter is to encourage you and to let you know that God is God and that he cares for you. As a Father, you were created to cultivate everything in your environment. A Father’s purpose in life is to rebuild and develop everything that you come in contact with to reflect the Kingdom of God. I have a secret for you. You can’t cultivate feeling guilty, defeated, or always revisiting the past you have to let it go. Receive the forgiveness from God, be okay with the apology you’ve never received or the apology you never had the opportunity to give. Rejection is hard, it is brutal, but may I suggest that you know that God is doing a new thing, and he wants your eyes and your human spirit to conceive what he is doing.

What is God doing, you ask?  What is this new thing that God is doing? God is developing you, and you are becoming the man whom God created you to be. Understand that growth happens in the low places of life, not the high places. If you are in a low place right now, I challenge you to look at the situation that you are currently facing and ask yourself this question, how can I grow from this?

 I have learned in my short time here on earth is that if you begin to look at the problem from the perspective of getting to the root of the problem, or the view of finding the solution to the problem, you will be ten steps ahead of others that choose to focus on the issue. After seeing the answer to the question, the growth would be taking preventive measures so that it would not be a reoccurring process.

I want you to get this and understand this because you can’t cultivate, lead, and rebuild anything in life correctly if you don’t let it all go and leave it at the feet of Jesus. When I say to leave it at the feet of Jesus, I am saying to pray about the situation and relinquish all control of the problem. Don’t concern yourself about how is it going to work out, when is it going to work out, and if it will work out. You must unclutter your mind so that you can hear clearly or you will miss so many opportunities or better yet not be prepared for the opportunities when they arrive.

 As I write this letter to you, it’s as though my heart is burning with desire to inform you, and there is this alarming awareness that is saying pay attention and don’t get distracted. Trust God always because he has and knows the plans for your life, plans to prosper you.

As I concluded this letter, I must tell you this Jesus never built a building. If you read the entire Bible, Jesus never built a building; he built people. As a Father, you must know that every building you create should be to build up others to become great leaders. Every home, church, business, and school should be established for the rebuilding up of people to become great leaders. Now can you see the importance of letting go and being aware of this new thing?


God, I pray that you open the eyes of our understanding that we may know all the glorious riches that are in heaven. I pray that you give us the heart to receive the new thing that you are doing in our lives. God, you are bigger than the circumstances that we are or may be facing today. I believe that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. God, we know that you are a rewarder of those who diligently seek you and we ask that you give us eyes to see the vision for our lives and the minds to receive the divine wisdom from you. Help every Father reading this letter to cultivate, lead, and rebuild, and may everything that they put their hands to do, prosper in Jesus name. Amen.

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