A Letter to a Father about the New Year

As we are approaching the new year, I must say that this letter has been continuously on my mind for the last three weeks. As you read this letter, I must tell you that it is imperative that you examine the previous 12 months of your life. I want you to consider your life’s purpose, goals, and vision. If you don’t know your purpose, I urge you to seek God for clarity and If you don’t have a vision grab and pen and paper because I can assure you after you have read this letter you will feel compelled to write.

I am going to be extremely transparent now and tell you that I had to reexamine the last 12 months of my life, but it could only be done when I decided to wake up. When I use the word “wake up” it is not the “woke” colloquialism that we use for those who were self-aware, questioning the dominant paradigm and striving for something better according to the dictionary. I’m referring to the wake up in Ephesians 5:14-17 and it reads: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.” In this particular verse, Paul is talking to people who are awake but are sleeping through life. People who are doing the same mundane things, same routine, same method of doing things but expecting something different. The next part of the verse says rise from the dead. In this part of the verse, it is simply saying do something different because nothing is going to change unless you change it. When you arise, it is going to require self-initiation. Now when we read further the verse says and “Christ will shine on you.” Christ shining on you is merely Christ showing you the areas where you are lacking. Christ exposes what is wrong, things such as the people you have around you, the decisions that you have made that were not the best.

After reading Ephesians 5:14-17, God exposed the hurt that I carried around that I needed to let go immediately, God also showed me that I needed to change my perception of the people whom I felt let me down. It was merely accepting the fact that the people I thought were here to give me all of this love and pour into my bleeding heart, could only deliver on the capacity of the love that exuded inside of them. Have you ever considered that they weren’t capable of loving you the way you need to be loved and that’s okay? Christ also exposed my methods of doing things and that it was wrong. It’s not your job to protect your heart that is God’s job. It’s your job to guard it. Let me let you in on a secret; you guard not only your heart but your life by knowing your purpose and having a vision. When you have a vision and understand your purpose in life, it will be that much easier to guard your heart because you will choose relationships and people according to your vision and purpose in life. My stubborn ways were sabotaging my life, and my unwillingness to allow others to help me was wrecking my life. God just showed me it was time to change because you don’t have much time left in this world to make your mark in the world for the Kingdom of God.

In the midst of God exposing my bad decisions and wrong methods, I began to write. I sat on the floor with a pen and a notepad, and that was the start of a beautiful plan that I presented to God. It was my plan for my life. The reason I am writing this letter to you now is that the new year is approaching, and I desire that you reexamine your life. As you reflect over the past 12 months, ask God to show you what is it that you need to change. I will strongly urge you to let the past go and cut off all the baggage from your life. Ask God to show you the habits you need to break the people you need to walk away from that are a distraction and wasting your time. There is something else I would like to share with you about time. The enemy wants to steal your time or distract you with good things to keep you from doing the right thing. If you allow me to go deeper, I would explain further. Why is it that you have a desire to do something and something will come up, or someone will come around to distract you from the very thing that you were so focused on achieving. The new year gives you an opportunity to redeem the time that you have lost due to inadequate methods, choosing the wrong people to have around you and procrastination.

When you begin to reflect over the last 12 months, don’t be hard on yourself and remember God deeply loves you and it is okay if you have to rewrite your goals. Make sure that your goals are worthwhile goals. You must understand that when you have a vision, it gives you a guide and a path for your life. You will make decisions according to your vision. What I want for your life is for your life to be purposeful and I wish above all that you live a practical life a wise life. A life full of applying the knowledge you have learned. Let go of the hurt just as I am doing, let go of the stubbornness just as I am doing, forgive and move forward into your future just as I am doing. Believe and acknowledge God and he will give you the desires of your heart. Keep desiring your vision for your life and allow God to critique it and guide you on this beautiful journey of life. It is my prayer that you become a man of vision and that you live every day like it is a passion.

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