A Letter to a Father on the verge of giving up.



I know that you are facing one thing after the other it seems. I know you are asking why me God? I’m doing the best I can. I know you just feel like giving up, but I want you to remember these three words that Jesus stated on the cross “It is finished.” That means anything you are currently going through it’s already been taken care of by God through his son Jesus. Also, may I suggest you rest and know that everything that is happening to you is going to work out for your good so that God may be glorified and edified through your life. The answer to the question of God why am I going through this is so that God can build your character and through the testimony of your life win souls. This process is not only building your character, but it is also preparing you for your ministry. Do you see it now? Do you understand why you can’t give up? The reason that you must continue to walk through this process is that so many lives are depending on you.


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