A Letter to a Father about the Power of The Holy Spirit



Before I write this letter, there are three things that you should understand. In the book of John chapter 1 verse 1, it reads: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
The first thing you should know is God is the word, and the word is the author of all creation. Secondly, The Holy Spirit lives and dwells in all Believers. Third, The Holy Spirit loves to do the will of Jesus, and Jesus loves to do the will of the Father God.
The Holy Spirit is someone, and the Holy Spirit is powerful. Allow me to explain this to you. When you pray you are accessing the Holy Spirit, but do you know what the Holy Spirit does? The Holy Spirit takes the prayer to Jesus. The words that you can’t seem to verbalize while the tears just keep falling from your eyes. Yes, the Holy Spirit takes the unspoken words to Jesus, and then King Jesus brings them to the Father God, and that is how the Holy Spirit works.
I know you are a bit confused as to why you are going through this. The mental anguish that you battle because if you were sincere you would verbalize that you don’t want to walk away from your investment, be it a relationship, friendship or business. You know that disappointment is an expectation that wasn’t met. If you would be transparent and verbalized the prayer that God I don’t know how to love them. I thought I was giving it my best, but it seems as though they are unlovable or better yet they aren’t receptive to my love. We are commanded to love thy neighbor as thyself, but we also have a helper the Holy Spirit. You see when you get weary in well doing just ask for strength and guidance, and you will see the Holy Spirit manifest in your life. My final words to you are always to pray so that the Holy Spirit can connect with the word (GOD) through Jesus to manifest the blessings of God for your life.

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