A Letter to a Father Wondering Why

Why am I here? Why did I live? How do I survive this? What do I do? I know these are the questions on your mind. I know you need clarity. I know your heart aches and longs for redemption or reconciliation. I see the anger masking your hurts and fears. I urge you to just quiet your mind for just a second, and realize that God died for you, and wants to talk to you. God wants you to stop criticizing yourself because he knows where you are and he knows what you need. God died for you, so therefore he wants a relationship with you. The type of relationship where you talk all day long and express all your insecurities and shortcomings and wait for God’s solutions. The kind of relationship where you show your love towards God. When you do this, you will find peace and not only peace but answers to your questions. May I suggest to you when you ask God please have a heart and mind of expectation. Expect God to answer you. In Romans 12:12 (NIV) it says “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Let the King arise in you. Seek God’s purpose for your life and find your assignment and you will find your reasons why.


7 thoughts on “A Letter to a Father Wondering Why

      1. I am humbled by your writing. Keep it up your writing really moved me maybe because I was having a tough time and reading this made me feel someone understands maybe and maybe someone else has gone through pain because they’re writing this. So, Thank You. Never stop writing.

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