A Letter to a Father from a Single Mother

I sometimes look at you and say to myself, “God I thank you, ” and I know you may be wondering why. The reason I thank God for you is that I realize that you were part of my purpose. You see I choose to no longer look at the process through the lens of pain but through the lens of purpose. What is this purpose? The purpose is the little potential that we reproduced to someday become the man or woman of God according to God’s original plan before you or I were even conceived. Also before the birth, there was this incredible labor. The labor of pain and hurt that was inflicted upon us during the departure birthed the growth that was needed to lead my heart to God. The process wasn’t easy, but I found the comforter, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit matured me and led me to the truth, and that truth is God loves me, and you know what he loves you too. I’ll let you in on a little secret God is God, and he is all knowing and he is all seeing, and he sees you right where you are and he will meet you right where you are. There is nothing that you can do to keep God from wanting the best for you. One more thing before I let you go the Holy Spirit not only matures you it searches the deep things within you, your thoughts that only you know to help you understand what God has given you. The Holy Spirit frees you and makes you whole.1496933126609

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