A Letter from a Single Mother to a Daughter

I see you. When I look into your big beautiful eyes, I see your sweet spirit. I see how sensitive you are and baby girl I know I use to say don’t be so sensitive, but baby mommy was wrong. I was wrong because being sensitive is a characteristic of your father in heaven. It lets you know that you have the heart of God. In a world of fast moving, quick fix, spontaneous and revengeful people continue to be you. I love how kind you are and that you see no shape, size or color in your friends. I see the way you love them. I see the way you love and care about your teachers and most of all I see the way that you love your baby brother. I love how understanding you are when mommy says “baby I just don’t have it, ” and your response is always “okay mom it’s alright.” God bless me with you to experience my first moments of motherhood. God chose you to be my daughter, and for that I am thankful. You were always a happy baby; you would wake up smiling. So if you’ve ever wondered why I sometimes stare when you smile it’s because it reminds me of the days you would awake with a smile. I remembered the day you asked me to get baptized; my heart leaped for Joy. I was so overjoyed that day you told me that you wanted to know more about Jesus. I love how you pray, and I pray that you continue to pray. What I am trying to say is that I see you and what I see makes me feel that you are loved completely.

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