A Letter from a Mother to a Paying Father

There is so much unspoken truth about child support. So many people believe that when child support is paid that is good enough. This is a sad and extremely unfortunate truth. The word support means to give assistance to, especially financially; enable to function or act. I remember I would sometimes think about the Fathers who takes care of their child very well financially, but can’t tell you the child’s favorite color or sometimes haven’t seen the child in over a year. Although the child is blessed with your support, the question I sometimes think about is, do you feel the child support excuses you from all other responsibilities? The responsibilities of teaching the child morals and values, and the constant communication that needs to happen with you and the child. The responsibility of building a strong foundation even though you are not in the same household. The responsibility that was given long ago about keeping the commandments and loving God with all thine heart and with all thy soul according to Deuteronomy chapter 6. Yes, finances are needed but what happens after the funds stop? Does parenting end? Did you give it your all? Now I know that there are some relationships where parents can be real selfish and ugly, but I’m speaking from a place of love. Are we going to be the parents who become condition by this world’s standards? Or are we going to develop the kingdom principles required to raise future kings and queens? Now don’t ever think that I take for granted any effort, I applaud it and welcome it. The reason for this letter is to shed light. Yes, I know things were probably done out of order, or things didn’t go as planned. Yes I find out when you do things out of order there is sometimes chaos, but I also know that I serve a God who can take a David and a Bathsheba and produce a Solomon (2 Samuel 12: 1-25) and he was birth out of one of the most chaotic situations ever.

7 thoughts on “A Letter from a Mother to a Paying Father

  1. I don’t know that parenting ever really stops. My sons are all in their own homes and two of them married. My husband and I still pray for them, for their marriages, their parenting and just generally pray. We try to make sure they know we are there for them and that we love them.

    1. Yes so much prayer is needed as a parent and I’m sure you have more experience in the field parenting compared to my really short years of parenting. I will definitely take your words of wisdom…pray always.

      1. I am going to continue to enjoy letters because you’re so darn good at it and it makes a lot of sense to me. Well done.

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