A Letter to a son from a Single Mother

The letter written below is a letter that I wrote to my son, and as I share this, please know that this letter is not about just being a single mother it is about the unknown of parenting. There are no manuals for parenting; we are all just “winging it” as they say. Yes, some parents are more structured than others, but that doesn’t disqualify you. Some single Fathers are struggling with raising their daughters as well. Some Fathers aren’t around but want to be, and I understand. This post is not about bashing the parent that isn’t in the home. This post is about the effect that it may have on the child due to the unknown. As a parent, you try to do your best or what you think is best for the child and at times we fail, and we fail big but one thing we should rest in knowing that God has a purpose and a plan to it all.

All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace.-Isaiah 54:13


5 thoughts on “A Letter to a son from a Single Mother

  1. That is such a powerful message. I was a single mom and having to raise my toddler at the time. If it wasn’t for my family love and support I am not sure where I or my son will be today. I grew closer to the Lord during that time of my life but one thing I recall He left a word in my heart, ” I will take care of you!” and from that day on I trusted Him and He did and still is.

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      1. Amen !!! Absolutely, Yes indeed. Your homepage on 2Corinthian is the message I was sharing yesterday with my now 13 year old son. How funny!! . I was posting about the New Covenant.

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