Spiritual battle


The above post was from my Instagram account. There have been numerous accounts of gun violence in America, as well as injustice among minorities, but until we get to the root of the problem, there will still be injustice and murder. We have had many forms of ideas and laws throughout the many years of this country. Have we even consider that nothing is working? We have gone from politician to politician and president to president, but when will we stop and realize that it’s not through the politician or the president it’s through prayer and changing the culture to reflect the Kingdom of God. Why not ask the creator for the solution? Why not seek Him for the answer? I mean we have tried everything else, why not ask him? Why not turn to God? I mean God is the only one who knows the real intent of a man’s heart? We don’t know, although we would like to think or believe we do, honestly, we don’t know. The answer is not the laws of the politicians; the answer is God.


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