A letter to a Father from a Mother

Today you are coming to pick up our child and I want to say forgive me. Forgive me for what you wonder? Forgive me for the many times I will call, forgive me for the times I will ask for many pictures or the text I will send to see if she is okay. No it’s not that I don’t trust you or believe she is not in good care, but it’s because our child has become a part of my daily routine. The routine of getting home from work and asking “mommy what’s for dinner?” The routine of “mommy my belly hurts would you rub it for me?” I’ve become acquainted with having my television continuously on Disney just to keep her quiet so I can clean, but now the silence is so loud and I feel like I’m lost without my little routine. You see I’ve become acquainted with having just enough sleep or not of enough sleep but never fully relaxing. I’ve become acquainted with the midnight’s in the emergency room only to inform you by phone because you are so many miles away. I know you want to be here and yes I’ve had a few people in my ear that said “girl if he wanted to be here he would” but don’t worry about that because I also know the same girl talking about the way we parent our child her child’s father is never around. Now I said that to say this don’t worry about what others have to say concerning the way we raise our child but I just pray that when she’s in your care she continues to smile. Santhabooker@letterstoourfathers.com


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